Laura Katharina Mücke, M.A.

Academic Staff

Research and Teaching Focus

  • Theories of Aesthetic Experience, Media Effects, Reception Aesthetics.
  • Phenomenology, Critical Phenomenology and Meta-Phenomenology
  • Theories of Everyday Life Media
  • Film Theories in the Context of Post-Cinema
  • Semiopragmatics
  • Social Media, Popular Culture and Platform Politics, especially TikTok
  • Situated Knowledge, Subject Theories, Gaze
  • Eastern European Video Activism
  • Feminist Critique of Representation
  • Discourse Analysis and Media


Laura Katharina Mücke is research assistant (100%) in the area "Everyday Media and Digital Cultures" at the Department for Film, Theater, Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Mainz. Her PhD project, based in Mainz, Vienna and Groningen, focuses on the discursivity of seemingly omnipotent concepts of media experience. In 2019-2022 she has been an assistant for "Theory of Film" at University of Vienna and in 2016-2019 research assistant in film studies at the University of Mainz. She is co-editor of the journal Montage AV and co-founder of the junior research group "ID*A- Initiative Doktorand*innen-Austausch”.

Important publications by Laura Katharina Mücke are the journal issue on "Messy Images" (together with Chris Tedjasukmana and Olga Moskatova, 2022) and the translation from French of "Kommunikationsräume. Einführung in die Semiopragmatik" by Roger Odin (together with Guido Kirsten, Magali Trautmann, and Philipp Blum, 2019).